November 22, 2020

In Bloom #34 - Still Blooming

This azalea at the office is really showing out this fall.  Despite the much cooler temperatures, it's still blooming like crazy.  Even though the leaves are not a vibrant as they were this spring, the blooms are certainly are.  

Happy Sunday,

November 15, 2020

In Bloom #33 + Sassafras

Around here, leaves are changing colors and quickly fading away.  There was no exception to the golden leaves of this Sassafras one day and gone the next!

Happy Sunday,

November 8, 2020

In Bloom #32 + Sea Oats

Last fall, on a mini quilting retreat with three friends to Hilton Head Island, I snapped this photo of Sea Oats blowing in the breeze.  The roots of the sea oats contribute to the stabilization of the shifting sand dunes along the coast.  

Oh, to escape at the beach again and to walk along the water's edge, listening to small waves lapping the shore.

Happy Sunday,