September 13, 2020

In Bloom #24 + Tall Ironweed and Swallowtail Butterfly

I look forward towards the end of summer for the purple blooms of the Tall Ironweed (Vernonia gigantea) to appear in a clearing not far from the garden spot  And, what a delight to see this Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, South Carolina's official state butterfly, dining on the blooms.  

Tall Ironweed

Happy Sunday,

September 6, 2020

In Bloom #23 + Scuppernong Grapes

This week I picked over three gallons of grapes, both muscadines and scuppernongs.  The ones pictured here are scuppernongs, but you can you can read about the difference in the two here


I mixed the muscadines and scuppernongs and made two batches of jelly.  Now, all I need is some of my mama's homemade buttermilk biscuits.  

Happy Sunday,

September 2, 2020

MQG Modern Classics

In celebration of the Modern Quilt Guild's 10th anniversary, they are re-releasing some of the Quilt of the Month patterns in a new updated color palette.  They are calling the quilts MQG Modern Classics.

Members of the MQG are invited to join in the fun by making any Quilt of the Month pattern previously released from 2014 through 2019.  That means there are 72 patterns from which to choose. And, if you enter your quilt, you have the chance to have your quilt juried into QuiltCon Together 2021.

I am using four of the seven Moda Bella Solids in the palette for the pattern I have picked out to make.

  • Mustard (9900-213)
  • Nautical Blue (9900-236)
  • Natural (9900-12)
  • Dusk (9900-116)

MQG Modern Classics

And, fortunately, I already had the matching Aurifil for each Moda Bella solid.
  • Aurifil 2310 Light Beige pairs with Natural
  • Aurifil 2370 Delft Blue pairs with Dusk
  • Aurifil 2783 Medium Delft Blue pairs with Nautical Blue
  • Aurifil 5022 Mustard pairs with, you guessed it, Mustard

Moda Bella Solids Aurifil

Here are the Moda Bella Solid swatches included in the 2020 color palette.  The four I am using are below.  

Three additional Moda Bella Solids are also included in the 2020 color palette:  Violet, Capri and Petunia.

I have had two quilts chosen by the Modern Quilt Guild as Quilts of the Month, Positively Transparent and Atypical Angles.  My philosophy is...if you find a good wall on which to photograph quilts, use it multiple times.  

Positively Transparent + August 2017

MQG Quilt of the Month

Atypical Angles + July 2018

MQG Quilt of the Month

To access the Quilt of the Month patterns, once you are logged in to the MQG website, go to the tab "For MQG Members" and from the drop-down choose "Patterns, Webinars and Articles".   From there, once you are on the Resources page, on the the right side bar, you can "Filter by Type"  and simply choose "Quilts of the Month".

The deadline for entering a MQG classic quilt is the same for other quilts entered into QuiltCon Together, November 30, 2020 at midnight.  You can check out the rules at Submit a Quilt.  I'm hoping to get the quilt I am making completed by the end of September.