February 21, 2021

In Bloom #47 + Aucuba

With blooms few and far between right now, here is the spotted evergreen, Aucuba japonica.  It is another transplant from my grandmother and I often use this in vases with cut flowers as the green filler.

Happy Sunday,

February 14, 2021

In Bloom #46 + Gladiolus

This gladiolus came up volunteer in a flower bed which I didn't know could happen.  I always thought you had to plant blubs but apparently the plants can produce seed and be spread by birds.  I thought a little red would be nice for Valentine's Day!  

Happy Sunday,

February 7, 2021

In Bloom #45 + White Camilla

I found this camellia growing wild alongside the Broomfield Creek near Beaufort while in town last November for my nephew's Marine graduation.

More about the graduation was posted here on Instagram.  

Happy Sunday,