December 11, 2018

2018 Blogger's Bundle Reader's Choice Giveaway ➕ Vote to Win

Back during the summer I was thrilled to curate a Blogger Bundle for Bernie's Needle and Foot Etsy Shop. Bernie asked a different blogger each month to curate a bundle.  I curated the June Blogger Bundle (here) and picked out some fun fabrics representing summertime!

I had an idea for an appliqued baby quilt and here's the sunshine in the corner.  

My plan was to add some flowers.  

 The quilt top is now finished.  I think I'll name it Garden Appeal.  


Well, guess what... Bernie is generously giving away a bundle from each month curated throughout the year to one lucky voter.  

Here are all eleven bundles.  That's 14 yards of fabric to one winner! 

The giveaway details...

  • One vote per person only.
  • Each voter is entered in the giveaway for all eleven bundles.
  • Voting is open through Saturday, December 15th .  The winner will be drawn on Sunday and announced on Monday, December 17th.  
  • Contest open to USA only since that's a lot of fabric to ship.

Head on over to Bernie's blog, Needle and Foot to vote for your favorite.

Be sure to leave a comment and thank Santa Bernie for her generosity!

December 7, 2018

Teenage I Spy Quilt ➕ Block Tutorial

I have a quilt to share that I hope will make a teenage girl very happy who is living in foster care at the Miracle Hill Children's Home in the upstate of South Carolina. 

This photo was taken about three weeks ago when there were still leaves on the trees and some pretty colors.

I assembled the top while I was at the Quilters of South Carolina retreat back in October and my friend, Mona, took some photos for me.  

The retreat took place at the White Oak Baptist Conference Center for the last time as we will be trying out a new venue next year. 

Here, the wind did not want to corporate but I wanted to show the grounds with the lake in the background.   

A friend in my guild, Michael Sullivan, quilted it for me using and all-over design, Moonflower.  I was very pleased how it turned out.  

7  x 6 block layout
Finished quilt size, 56" x 72"

Thank yous go out to all of my Bee Inspired bee mates who generously made blocks for me.  I had to make less than 10 of the 42 blocks.

I asked them to choose any novelty print and frame them with solids in pink, purple, blue, aqua or gray.  Their fabric combinations were thoughtfully chosen.  There's a bunny watching out in the top left corner along with some feathers and flowers.  

And, some coffee cups...  The leaves are full of color.  

There are even sock monkeys, cat faces and more flowers.  

And, bicycles, pencils and Mini  Pearl bracelets.

And, even some numbers and math equations.  

And much, much more.

This photo is after the quilt was blocked and trimmed.

For the binding, I chose a gray with a little pattern in it.  I sewed it entirely by machine. 

I chose a Tula Pink print, Clear Skies, for the backing.

I even did some pattern matching.  The seam runs horizontal through the chartreuse circles.  Can you find it?  

Here's what the backing looks like on the whole quilt.  

Well I did promise an I Spy block tutorial, so let's get to it!

I Spy Block Tutorial {Teenage Version}

Finished block size 8 x 12, (unfinished 8 1/2" x 12 1/2")

I spy block

Fabrics - Block Center

For the block center anything goes.  You could use novelty prints, low volume prints, or anything that inspires you.

Fabrics - Framing Fabric

For the frames or borders, I asked my bee makes to please use solids in the following colors: Pink, Purple, Blue, Aqua, and Gray - Feel free to use lights, mediums and darks in any shades or tones.

My only prerequisite was that I would like for the fabrics to be prewashed.  Prewashing is easy if you follow my tutorial for prewashing a small amount of fabric.

Cutting the Fabric

From the novelty fabric used for the center of the block, cut:

(1) rectangle 4 1/2" x 8 1/2" 

From the framing fabric, cut:

 (4) rectangles 2 1/2" x 8 1/2" 

I spy parts


1)  Sew (1) framing rectangle to each of the long sides of the central rectangle.  Press seams towards the framing fabric.

Tip:  When sewing the framing rectangles onto the central rectangle, sew with the framing rectangles on the bottom.  That way, if the central rectangle was cut on the lengthwise grain, the framing rectangles will have less opportunity to stretch as you are piecing.

  I spy sides

2)  Sew the remaining (2) rectangles to the top and bottom of the block and press the seams, again, toward the framing fabric.

And, ta-da, you are done!  Here are some I Spy blocks I made.

  I spy blocks 2.jpg

If you make some I Spy blocks, please share them on Instagram using the hashtag #TeenageISpyBlock and tag me @QuiltedBlooms.

This I Spy block tutorial was originally posted by me on the Bee Inspired blog in March 2018. This rectangle block is used by permission from a fellow Greenville MQG member, Didi at

I'll be linking to final Finish It Up Friday as Amanda Jean from Crazy Mom Quilts made the announcement earlier this week that she is no longer going to run her inspiring blog as a business.  Thanks Amanda Jean and I wish you all the best in whatever is next for you! 

December 6, 2018

Modern Plus Sampler ➕ Applique Blocks

Welcome to the December instructions for the Modern Plus Sampler!  

Let's get into the Christmas spirit with some applique, my favorite!

This month's instructions are the Applique areas on the sides of the large plus sign, including Cute as a Button and Petal Plus. Remember, if you would rather not do any applique for the quilt top, Cheryl and I are offering alternative options here in this post.

Modern Plus Sampler

About the sampler - the Modern Plus Sampler will run from July 2018 until April 2019 with a set of directions revealed the first Thursday of every month. The quilt is a large lap sized quilt finishing at about 63" x 78".

The instructions are published within this post in an easy to print PDF format in the link below:

 Additionally, the directions and all of the other information related to the sampler quilt along can always be found on the Modern Plus Sampler Page.

Social Media 

Please share your progress pics on social media with the hashtag #ModernPlusSampler and tag me at @QuiltedBlooms and Cheryl at @MeadowMistDesigns.

I encourage you to join the Meadow Mist Designs Facebook Group (if you have not already).  Cheryl has 3,200 members in the group and everyone is excited to see your progress!

And now without further ado....December's instructions...

Applique Areas

Cutting Instructions


Cut 1 strip 14" x WOF.
       1. Sub-cut into 2 squares 14" x 14".

Tip: You can oversize the fabric D squares and trim to size after the appliqued blocks are complete.


Cut 1 strip 5 ½" × WOF. Sub-cut as indicated in book patterns.

Use the Petal Plus pattern instructions on pages 84-89, the Petal Plus applique shape on page 110, and the applique instructions on pages 9-11.

1. Iron 1 fabric D square 14" x 14" in half twice on the diagonal (shown as dotted lines).

2. Prepare 4 fabric F petal shapes and center onto the fabric D square as shown, using the ironed creases to align the petals.

3. Applique the petal shapes down to make a petal block 14" x 14".

Use the Cute as a Button pattern on pages 26-29, the circle plus applique shape on page 104, and the applique instructions on pages 9-11.

1. Iron 1 fabric D square 14" x 14" in half horizontally and vertically (shown as dotted lines).

2. Prepare 4 fabric F button shapes and center onto the fabric D square as shown, using the ironed creases to align the buttons.

3. Applique the buttons down to make a button block 14" x 14".

Many thanks to the generous sponsors of the Modern Plus Sampler!

The next set of instructions will be published on the first Thursday in January 2019 (the 3rd).