July 19, 2021

Baskets + Kaffe Gathered

I debated on what to call this one and ended up going with Kaffe Gathered at the suggestion of a friend.  The baskets are obvious, it's the name of the quilt in Cheryl's new book, Just one Charm Pack Quilts.  Today is Day 3 of the the blog hop to showcase a couple projects from the book and will be running through July 29th.

For the background, I had this Hoffman modern batik and thought it looked nice against the cool blues and greens of the charm pack.  I hesitated to mix the batik with regular prints but decided to go with it and glad I did.  

Now, I must confess, I don't often use precuts because I like to prewash all my fabrics.  And, yes, I did prewash the Kaffe Fasset charm pack.  I wrote a blog post about prewashing fabrics and included solutions for precuts.   

The other fabric pictured is the the basket fabric, a Kona cotton called Noble Purple.  

The baskets are made from half square triangles and cleverly arranged in a circle.  With swirling baskets and the half square oriented in different directions, I have a tip for keeping everything in order.  Snap a quick photo after you layout each block so you can refer back to it when sewing the basket together.  Trust me, I know from experience.  

The Baskets pattern is made from just one charm pack and paired with a background fabric and a little for the baskets themselves. 

Baskets is one of 18 projects from Cheryl's book.  Just think, 18 different quilts using "Just One Charm Pack" paired with a background fabric.  I didn't have to purchase any fabric, it all came from my stash.  Just one Charm Pack Quilts and be purchased on Amazon (affiliate link) or an autographed copy can be purchased from the Meadow Mist Designs Shop

No photo shoot seams to go as planned.  Just before heading outside to get some photos, it started pouring down rain.  After the rain stopped, I headed out and it was so humid, the quilt top was instantly damp feeling.  And you would know, a breeze came and there it landed on the wet ground.  

Now to get baskets quilted, but that's for another day...


  1. I like the way the colors work together in your quilt. Making four baskets in large blocks would be easier than the smaller versions, but I agree that having a photo for reference will be helpful. Just ordered the book!

  2. Love the colors Paige. You and I both used the same tones of Kaffe in our blog hop quilts! Yours looks completely different with the bold background. Mine is destined to be gifted to a new mom so I went with a soft background color. Love seeing the unique look of each.

  3. I think I have those same Kaffe fabrics. I bought a bundle of them when I visited the Quilt Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska a couple of years ago. I am looking forward to using them but keep having other projects and deadlines get in the way:) Like you, I always prewash my fabric, so I was very interested in your methods. I like scrappy quilts so I usually buy FQs, and have always just washed them in the machine -- except for the batiks which I pretreat first in the laundry sink to remove the excess dyes and then wash in the machine. I like your idea of the veg. spinner. Thanks for the valuable information you gave about prewashing. Your green and purple were perfect with the Kaffe fabrics. Nancy A: SewingGranda@gmail.com

  4. I think the batik pairs beautifully with the saturated colors of the Kaffe prints. And no photoshoot ever goes as planned is definitely true. :)

  5. I love your prints and how they play with the green background. Thank you so much for making this quilt and for being part of the hop!

  6. Great looking quilt! I love the stone wall (minus the gust of wind) as a backdrop for the quilt photo too.

  7. Your basket quilt is beautiful! I love the fabric you chose. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Wonderful! I have used batiks and regular cotton fabric before and it seemed to turn out fine, too. Your baskets look so bright on the green background.

  9. the kaffe fabric is so rich and plays so nicely in this pattern!

    1. Thanks Kelly! I thought the mostly large scale Kaffe prints would be perfect for Cheryl's baskets!

  10. Wow, that palette just demands the viewer's attention -- there's no overlooking it! And thanks for the heads-up about washing precuts. I usually don't prewash anything, but I have some woven precuts and fear the shrinkage will be substantial.