January 7, 2016

Throwback Thursday #2: Leo Baby Quilt

Going back to June 2010 for this one to show you a quilt I made for a cousin's baby girl.  It was made from a pattern, Leo Baby Quilt, by Liz at Lady Harvatine.  I remember Liz's blog being one of the first I discovered and started following.  How has she already had three precious children since then? Boy, time flies!

Leo Baby Quilt made by Paige Alexander on the clothesline

The closest thing to a solid in my stash at the time was this bright green batik, most likely a Hoffman 1895 Bali and paired it with other batiks in aquas and purples for the 5 prints needed.  I remember being short on fabric because I pieced the background as you can see in the lower left-hand corner. Once it was quilted the seam was not really noticeable.

Pieced quilt top from Leo Baby Quilt Pattern by Liz Harvatine

The picture of the pieced quilt top was taken on May 22nd and the completed quilt on June 3rd, so this came together rather rather quickly. For the quilting I did an all over loopy meander.

Loopy meander quilting detail on Leo Baby Quilt

Closer shot of the 5 batiks used in the stripes running the length of the quilt

They lived over 600 miles away in Mississippi so I gave it to her when I was going to visit my grandmama.  I remember hand sewing down the bias binding while on the plane.

For the label, I again used a tip from Liz where you create your label content in Word and simply trace over the document using a Micron pen and a lightbox or a window.  The label for the quilt was made from one of the fabrics used for the stripes and fashioned like hers in this post.

Exactly what is the child of a first cousin called?...first cousin one removed. I remembered looking that up to be sure.

Label for Leo Baby Quilt

The backing was pieced with two of the fabrics from the top and two other coordinating fabrics.

Backing of Leo Baby Quilt

Not only does this bring back memories of making the quilt, but when I took the photos, I was standing in the carport of my grandmama's house where she had a clothesline strung between two decorative iron posts.  It was summer and everything was so green.  Here are a few other pictures from her yard and garden I took during the same visit.

Grandmama Hazel's front yard with iris, hydrangea, rose, gardenia, and fern
Bird house and garlic blooming near the fig tree

Grandmama Hazel's vegetable garden

I need to remember the Leo Baby Quilt pattern again when a baby quilt is needed for a gift.  It came together rather quickly and was fun to make.

Leo Baby Quilt made by Paige Alexander
Linking up with Jenn at A Quarter Inch From the Edge for the first Throwback Thursday of 2016. She has the schedule for 2016 posted here.

Jenn has a new link-up, the Year of the Stash 2016, if your New Year's resolutions include a fabric diet like I should be following.


  1. Lovely quilt, Paige, and isn't it nice to go through these memories, not only to see the quilts, but to reminisce about the times and places and people who have a part in that quilt. thanks for sharing this story!

  2. Oh ...that veggie garden reminds me of my grandmother's gardrn. One day I will have a garden that bears more than weeds and flowers.
    This quilt is lovely, a great pattern, simple yet effective...it's got a decidedly modern approach yet would shine with any type of fabric...
    Happy Thursday!

  3. Most of the time a piece added to the front because you are short doesn't show up...quilting helps a lot with that! Pretty little quilt! I love a good lime green and purple combination!

  4. What great memories of this quilt, and how fun you photographed it at your grandmother's home. And going through older projects like Throwback Thursday has us do each month is neat for the reminder of great go-to patterns.

  5. Very pretty, and this shows your progression toward modern quilting, the pieced backing and negative space.
    I still loves me an all-over loop!

  6. Lovely little baby quilt! I think I had that same green in my stash at some point. Thanks for linking up with Throwback Thursday @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge. And for sharing the love about The Year of The Stash! I'm looking forward to your Stash Manifesto! :)

  7. What a pretty baby quilt! And I'm so glad that you took lots of pictures so you could share them with us. It's so neat that you photographed it at your Grandmama's with those perfectly matching hydrangeas. (I think piecing a fabric on the front is a wonderful tribute to all those quilters that went before us and made do and made beauty with what they had.)

  8. This is a really attractive quilt. I think you might be starting a batik come back. Fun loopy quilting as well. Your photos are great!

  9. Very nicely coordinated post. lovely quilt

  10. Very nice! I love how the green reads as a solid but has such texture.

  11. What a cute little quilt. I love your pictures too. Everything around me is so grey and blah right now, I miss the lush green grass and leaves on trees! :-)

  12. Love this quilt! And I am so glad I found your blog :). Your mini mini hexie quilt a few posts back is amazing!

  13. Everything about this quilt reminds me of summertime Paige. I love it. Very sweet memories and photos of your grandmama's garden.
    I just made quilts for my first cousin's grandchildren. I wonder what that is called... twice removed?

  14. I like the design of this quilt quite a bit. It's interesting how some people begin quilting with lots of prints, and some with solids. I used to be strictly a solids girl, but now I love prints of all kinds. It took me a while though...