March 13, 2016

Ready for Some Free-Wheeling

I am super excited to be heading to Sewtopia, a sewing and quilting retreat, taking place in Atlanta in a few short weeks .  In a addition to a class with Elizabeth Hartman, we will have a class with Denyse Schmidt. She will be teaching Free-Wheeling Single Girl, an updated improv version of her Single Girl pattern.  Rossie Hutchinson will be her assistant and you can see her recent version on her blog, Rossie Crafts.  I love her four blocks surrounded by negative space.  She also has some great tips for piecing your own Free-Wheeling Single Girl.

I ordered this roll of 10" squares of Franklin from the Fat Quarter Shop even before I knew I was going to Sewtopia.  You see, was was able to get in on a cancellation.

Franklin line by Denyse Schmidt for FreeSpirit
Here are the green and blue prints from the Franklin roll.

Green and blue prints from the Denyse Schmidt Franklin roll
Although the roll had some oranges and maroons in prints and solids, I 'think' I have decided to use prints from several fabric lines in greens and blues along with some coordinating solids.  But look at all of the beautiful designer solids included in the roll.  From top to bottom they include: Saffron, Tropical, Kumquat, Pomegranate, Chartreuse, Meadow, Serpent, Light Jade, Shadow and Mist.

FreeSpirit Designer Solids included in Denyse Schmidt Franklin roll
Stash Fabrics recently had a great sale on all FreeSpirit fabrics for $6 a yard and I picked up some various prints to throw in the mix.

Various Denyse Schmidt prints
Thinking I might use a colored solid for the background, I ordered a 1/4 yard each of Neon and Caribbean to audition with the prints.  I decided both were too pastel. I appreciate them labeling the solids for identification.

FreeSpirit Designer Solids ordered from Stash Fabrics
I ordered another bundle on sale from Lisa at Pixie Spit Studio on Etsy.

Denyse Schmidt fabric bundle
Here are all the fabrics together along with two other possible solids, Light Jade and Cactus, for the background.  But after some suggestions from fellow guild members, thinking they might be to close in value as most of the prints, I have decided to go with mist for the background so the rings will stand out more.

Denyse Schmidt fabrics
Now to decide on fabrics for Elizabeth Hartman's mystery class.

Linking up with Jenn at A Quarter Inch from the Edge who is hosting Sunday Stash this week and Beth at Cooking up Quilts for Main Crush Monday.


  1. Lots of eye candy on your blog today! Sounds like a fun retreat!

  2. Have fun at Sewtopia! It will be fun to see what you create.

  3. Great additions to the stash. Love those solids. I was hoping to get to Sewtopia. But by the time I got an offer off the waiting list, the Canadian dollar was so low, it would have been too costly to go. So I'm going to Glamp Stitchalot in June in Ann Arbor, Michigan instead.

  4. I'm so jealous!!! Have a wonderful time!! Take lots of pics! ~EA

  5. So many lovely treats! I considered Sewtopia after I was offered a ticket from the waiting list. So very tempting. But I'm heading to Glamp Stitchalot instead (with Anja!)... and I'll be having a class with Elizabeth Hartman too. So very exciting! Thanks for linking up with Sunday Stash!

  6. Lucky you! You have a bunch of wonderful fabrics to choose from. Looking forward to your posts from/after your retreat.

  7. Great fabrics!! I would love to get into some of the more modern fabrics; but due to a limited budget, I need to just keep pulling from my scraps. I'll enjoy vicariously your new choices!!! Sally

  8. Lovely fabrics! Elizabeth Hartman and Denyse Schmidt are my favourites. Have a wonderful time at Sewtopia!!


  9. Those are beautiful prints for a mystery project. You had me at the first shot of the rolled up bundle :) Hope you have a great time at Sewtopia and share lots of stories with us.

  10. The mist is a great choice, have fun at Sewtopia!

  11. Love your choice of fabrics! Can't wait to see the end result!

  12. Your pictures are always so beautiful! What kind of set-up do you use to photograph your fabric? I love your fabric choices too!! :-)