May 11, 2016

Block #10 - Last Lemoyne Star

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This is the 10th block challenge for Modern Quilts Unlimited Everything Old is New Again block and quilt challenge.  Each month we have been given a traditional quilt block to interpret in a modern way.  The size of each block must finish at 12" when sewn into a quilt.  And, there will be a quilt challenge at the end.  I named my block, Last Lemoyne Star, because I don't have plans anytime soon to make another.

Last Lemoyne Star by Paige Alexander

In EQ7 I explored different sizes, from 10" to 14", of the traditional Lemoyne Star block and printed out the block outline and templates of each.  I originally thought I would piece an oversized block and using my 12 1/2" square up ruler, cut it out a little cattywampus.  But as I was piecing, I could tell I had not made the block large enouch.  Plan A went out the window.  What could I do now?

I decided to extend the inset triangles and make the corner square larger. This way I would keep the original size of 4 of the diamonds and the upper left hand corner formed a half square triangle.  I did crop out the seam allowance, so you are seeing the block as it would be pieced into the quilt.  

Here is the Lemoyne Star block as presented by Modern Quilts Unlimited for the challenge.

Another challenge requirement was to use any Michael Miller fabrics in the construction of the blocks.  I have been using Cotton Couture in Pluto as the background and Apple, Azure, Lava and Magenta in the other block pieces.  Here are my previous nine blocks.

You can read more about my Sailboat block here,  Rail Fence block here and Square in a Square block here.  I can't believe we have just two more blocks to complete and then the quilt challenge will take place. You can read more about the challenge rules here.

Well, one thing is certain...making an entire quilt from Lemoyne Star blocks will not be going on my quilty bucket list!

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  1. I love it Paige. It may not be on your bucket list but it has so much potential. Will you be making a tutorial?

  2. Fun blocks...a good way to stretch your imagination!

  3. Great block! It took courage to cut up your perfect star to be off center, and the result is worth it.

  4. Great block with the red/blue/Pluto colors. I love all your blocks and all the beautiful colors.

  5. It might be your Last Lemoyne Star, but it is beautifully done. I agree with Cheryl that it must have taken courage to cut it up, but the offset focus works really well.

  6. Well done Paige! I really love the modern traditional style and the off-set star if glorious.

  7. Cattywampus. Now I am going to have some fun fitting that word in conversations Paige. I love how you offset you Last Lemoyne Star! It is so wonderful that I don't know how it could be your last. :)

  8. I am enjoying your take on these blocks! Well done with the star!


  9. I nice, bold addition to your collection! Great name for your block, too. I think my last Lemoyne star block was made over 20 years ago! And it was very traditional.

  10. Love your interpretation of the traditional blocks. I have a feeling that I have said this before - You work is very neat. Kudos to you!!!

  11. Love your creative interpretations and use of color.