June 14, 2019

Persimmon Persuasion + Pantone Just-the-top Entry

This is the story of a quilt backing that became a quilt top.  I originally pieced enlarged tumbler blocks to be the backing of my Pantone Quilt Challenge, South Rim.   But, my husband said, "Who's going to see that on the back?  Just go and buy some fabric for a backing."  So I did.

The name was inspired by the fabric I thought matched the Pantone Living Coral swatch the best, Tula Pink's Essential Solid in Persimmon.

The other fabrics are Canyon by Kate Spain, Kona Peach, a print from Rhonda Ruth by Elizabeth Hartman, and an Art Gallery print.

When I was taking photos in the back yard, I managed to catch this bee on the hydrangea.

I'm entering Persimmon Persuasion in Just-the-top category of the 2019 Pantone Quilt Challenge.

Quilt Stats

Title:  Persimmon Persuasion
Size: 61" x 69"
Category: Just-the-top
Country: USA

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  1. lovely top, super colours, and a bee on the blue, that makes a great photo setting.

  2. Oh what a pretty quilt top Paige. Great photo also, with those beautiful blue hydrangeas.

  3. What a great picture of the flowers with the bee and the quilt showing in the background!

  4. Well that is awfully fun isn't it - a back that becomes a quilt instead. Of course, that meant you needed another back, but I am sure you figured it out.

  5. I love your finished quilt! So is this the back of quilt now?

  6. Good choice to make it a quilt top! Very nice!

  7. You were right about this back, it really deserves to be a quilt top, beautiful!

  8. Yes, this is way too pretty to hide on the back! Smart husband!

  9. This one is great too. I've never done the Pantone challenge...maybe I'll try next time.

  10. I like fun quilt backs but in this case I agree with your husband! It deserves to be a top!