December 21, 2019

Kona...Splash or Belly Flop

When the 2019 Kona Color of the Year Splash, mostly referred to as COTY, was announced and became available, I purchased a yard and then it sat in my stash.  I had plans to include it my Pantone Challenge quilt but ended up going in another direction. 

Fast forward to now...  I recently finished the Jelly Glazed Hearts Table Runner using just a few jelly roll strips of Day in Paris by Zen Chic and had plenty of left overs. 

I decided to make a baby quilt with the leftover jelly roll strips using another free pattern by the Fat Quarter Shop, the Jelly Roll Twist.   

Here are the blocks on my design wall.  I had left over background fabric from the table runner and cut into 5" squares rather than using a charm pack.  Instead of making 42 blocks, I have made 30 blocks and the quilt will finish around 43" x 52".

Not wanting to use the lightest strips or some of the darkest strips I was a little short on jelly roll strips and when to my stash for some possibilities.  I found the Kona Splash and decided to include a strip of it.  I thought it blended well with one of the strip containing the blooms. 

But when I put the blocks up on the design wall, I felt like the Kona Splash stood out too much.  And, maybe it didn't blend as well as I thought.  But after a few days of being on the design wall, I decided to leave it.

Here's a closer look. 

I added one more fabric, this light aqua micro dot, an older Bonnie and Camille print.  I thought it played very nice with Day in Paris.

Today, I plan to sew the blocks blocks together and I just might get this finished before the end of the year. 


  1. I love Kona Splash, and actually bought several yards of it. Well, it DOES look like a Florida swimming pool, doesn't it? :-) I've used only a bit of mine, in my ongoing (but near to being done) temperature quilt. I think Splash works well in your quilt, and I'm glad you decided to leave it in there. Such a nice design. It looks like the perfect baby quilt. Will it be? And what do you think of the 2020 COTY? Enchanted. I like it! It's green, but with a hint of blue. I will certainly add some of it to my stash.

  2. I think the Splash looks good in the quilt top; it has a nice balance of values across the quilt top.

  3. Ohhh!!! I love this Paige. It's such a nice mix of fabrics and colors. I like the pattern too and think perhaps I'll add it to my list of patterns to try next year. Good for the strips I have. Merry Christmas.

  4. It’s actually quite beautiful. I’m glad you decided to leave it as is and to finish it up. Once it’s quilted, it will be stunning!

  5. I like it—especially with the addition of the aqua. Pretty way to end the year.

  6. This is super fun, Paige! Splash looks a lot like your color on your blog from your grandmother's buttons. I bought some Splash yardage but still haven't used it.