May 3, 2020

In Bloom #5 + Phalaenopis Orchid

This Phalaenopis orchid was gifted to me last year in mid April and was in full bloom at the time.  Once the flowers faded away, it sat in my kitchen window all year,  I watered it once a week.  

Sometime in December or January a spike started to appear.  Soon after buds appeared on the spike and eventually it started blooming  Here it is May 3rd and it's still in full bloom. 


Here I am counting blooms again.  I know very little about orchids and am not familiar with how many flowers are to appear.  

This orchid has twelve buds and all but one have bloomed.  Eleven out of twelve isn't bad.

And, one more.  Even the blooms from the backside are pretty.  I hope I can keep this blooming for years to come. 


  1. My kids gave me a tiny orchid a few years ago for Mother's Day. It survived for a few years, blooming only once. I had really hoped I could keep it going, but it wasn't to be. I hope you enjoy many years of blooms with yours. It seems to be happy with you!

  2. That is so beautiful, down here I have seen the white ones, not a colour, so a real delight right now.

  3. I was gifted an orchid for my birthday years ago and it currently has 12 blooms with 10 more potentially still to open. It's starting to pull the poor thing over and we are going to have to add another supporting stake. I love the deep pink color of yours!

  4. It's beautiful. I was gifted an orchid as well. I have no idea what type. Mine just started to bloom again.