May 24, 2020

In Bloom #8 + Grandmama’s Phlox

Somewhere in between the daffodils and iris and the later blooming daylilies, I can count on the Phlox that was transplanted from my Grandmama's garden in Mississippi to mine in South Carolina.  I talk more about her influence in this post.

I do not know the variety but this one would be considered a short phlox since it only reaches about 12" or so in height.  My Grandmama had it as long as I can remember, so I just call it old-timey.

Happy Sunday,


  1. Nice that you have some of your grandmama's plants in your garden. I had some mini iris from my Grandma's plants a few years ago, and we lost them when we renovated the yard. I need to get more from my cousin so I could have them again. I love all the blooming plants at this time of year!

  2. They are gorgeous and so wonderful that they came from your Grandmother’s yard.

  3. That Phlox perfume, we had a tall variety at our other home. Here I have a special bulb given to me by a dear friend, he received it from his grandmother, he has since died, a Brunsvigia Josephinae, and this year three bulbs all flowered.