June 21, 2020

In Bloom #12 + Rescued Rhododendron

While hiking in North Carolina many years ago, I came upon a small rhododendron plant lying in the ditch of a freshly scraped dirt road.  It had been dug away from the road bank and the roots were completely exposed.  I decided to rescue the rhododendron and ended up planting it along our wooded driveway.  It finally bloomed three years ago for the first time. 

After a little research, I've determined it is a Rosebay Rhododendron (Rhododendron maximum) which is common to North Carolina.  Once it decides to bloom, the flowers seem to pop out overnight and fade quickly after a couple days.

Happy Sunday,


  1. How pretty! Do they have a scent?

  2. So pretty! I absolutely love rhododendron. My favorite waterfall in Virginia has a trail leading to it of all rhododendron; it's beautiful if you get there when they are in bloom.