September 20, 2020

In Bloom #25 + Figs

This year, the ants beat me to the figs before they ripened.  The pests would claim the figs by entering from the eye, or ostiole.  So, I'm mainly enjoying the leaf shapes and veining you can see from underneath the leaves and just hoping the ants will leave one or two for me.  

fig tree

Happy Sunday,


  1. I saw figs in the title and thought, oh yum! Then I read about the ants. Shoot. I hope they leave a few for you too!

  2. What interesting leaves! Pesky ants!

  3. I have tried and tried, ants and hornet!

  4. Hope you get some of those figs! I grow them at my place and it's a season I look forward to! I have other fruit the ants seem to prefer like peaches and nectarines. I do have to pick my figs a little on the early side otherwise the fruitfly get to it. Goodness only knows how farmers survive!