October 18, 2020

In Bloom #29 + Fern and Creeping Fig

This fern, an unknow variety, was transplanted from my 'other' grandmother's yard in Mississippi.  And, the creeping fig (ficus pumila) was cutting I received from my sister.  I just love all the shades of green.

The creeping fig will stay green all winter, unless it dips down in the 20's for an extended period of time, but, sadly, the fern will die back as soon as we get a good freeze. 

Happy Sunday,


  1. I love ferns, but I cannot grow them (indoors). My aunt had a huge fern, almost 3 feet in diameter, in her home. I like all those shades of green too. They are so pretty and calming.

  2. Ferns are my favorite to look for when we go hiking! It's so neat that so many of your plants are from your family.

  3. Love plants with a history. A connection to those or places near and dear to us.