November 1, 2020

In Bloom #31 + Friend or Foe

On a recent walk through the woods, I spotted this dead pine tree with part of the trunk still standing, an obvious home to critters for some time.  

After a closer look, I noticed face-like characteristics.  Is that a frightened look or the one trying to be scary? 

It could be the look on my face with this being the fourth day without power due to the remnants of hurricane Zeta. 

It's still a Happy Sunday,


  1. That is a scary face! Appropriate for Halloween weekend.
    Hope your power is back on soon.

  2. Four days without power, that is no fun. Hope it gets up and running soon. That tree has quite the personality, and the colors in the tree trunk itself and the background could be an interesting color pull for a quilt!

  3. I'm sorry to know that the Zeta storm got to you. Add this to the long list of 2020 woes, right? But I'm grateful for online worship and online Bible study to get me through this difficult year. God is good! Bless you!

  4. That's a long time without power, Paige. I hope that it is restored soon.