March 28, 2021

In Bloom #52 + Carolina Jessamine

On an afternoon walk, just today, I found this Yellow Jessamine (Gelsemium sempervirens) in full bloom.  It happens to be the official state flower of South Carolina, thus the name, Carolina Jessamine.  If you have driven through the Palmetto State in the spring, you may have noticed the evergreen vine with bright yellow blooms growing along the roadside climbing fences and trees.  

Wow, today marks the one year anniversary of In Bloom posts.  When I started out posting these I had no idea I would even have 52 photos worth sharing.  I think I'll keep this going.

Happy Sunday,


  1. please do keep going, i just love opening you posts and finding another piece of joy. thank you

  2. The blooms on this one are gorgeous! Have you been doing any sewing lately? We have not seen a quilt for a while....

  3. Oh, I hope you keep it going. I enjoy seeing the beautiful flowers in your area!

  4. Beautiful! I will have to keep an eye out for this, I don't know that I've noticed it before. I really enjoy your blooming flower posts!