December 31, 2018

Modern Plus Sampler ➕ Applique in Fandangle

Well, 2018 is winding down fast and 2019 is almost here.  I wanted to show you the two applique blocks made from December's instructions from in the Modern Plus Sampler.

First up is the Petal Plus which is made from orange peels.  This block was appliqued in no time at all with only one start and stop.

Below is a detail shot of the Petal Plus.  You can see the original Petal Plus quilt here on day 6 of the Modern Plus Sign Quilts blog hop.

Next up is Cute as a Button.  This one took a little more time with out the inside and outside corners.  The original Cute as a Button quilt is here on day 7 of the Modern Plus Sign Quilt blog hop.

I'm using Chista Watson's Fandangle fabric line for this version of the Modern Plus Sampler.  You can see more details of Cute as a Button as I am using the same fabric I used in the mini quilt I made for the Fandangle blog hop back in July.

The next set of instructions will be posted Thursday, January 3rd.  In the mean time, check out progress on Instagram at #ModernPlusSampler and check out Cheryl's applique blocks here.