January 31, 2020

Jelly Roll Twist Quilt Finished

My One Monthly Goal (OMG) for January 2020 was to complete the Jelly Roll Twist quilt I started using the leftover strips from making the Jelly Glazed Hearts Tablerunner.  I completed it, but it was down to the wire.

Besides January being filled with yearend bookkeeping and issuing W2s and 1099s, I could not decide how to quilt it.  It sat on my design wall for a couple of weeks before I finally came up with a plan. The idea came directly from the Quilters Planner, week of January 19th.

After having a recent disaster with spay baste, I decided to secure the layers with safety pins.  I first stitched in the ditch around all the blocks using the walking foot.  You can see the block outlines here on the back a little better.

Then, I switched to free motion and quilted a grid of some straight-ish and wavy lines throwing in a loop every now and then.  There are 4 lines in each direction per block so I basically quilted down the middle of each jellyroll strip.  Since there are 30 blocks, that makes 20 vertical and 24 horizontal
free-motion quilting lines.

My quilt finishes at about 43" x 51" so that meant I had to piece the backing.  I really liked the print, Water Color Dots in graphite and used it for the backing along with the the same print in Bubble Gum.

For the binding, I decided to sew it totally by machine.  I sewed the binding to back of the quilt first, then brought it around to front and top-stitched in place using the walking foot for both applications. 

I don't know if you can tell or not, but when I turn the corners, I always backstitch right before turning the corner and then afterwards as well.  I feel better with a little extra security.  

From the back, the stitching line is visible as it is about 1/8" away from the binding edge.  But with this method of topstitching from the front, I'm not having to stitch in the ditch on the front while blindly stitching the binding in place on the back.  

For the top thread, I use thread that matches the binding.  But in the bobbin, I use thread that matches the backing fabric.  In this case it's one of my favs, Aurifil 2600 Dove Grey.

The Jelly Roll Twist quilt was fun to make and great for using up leftover strips and charm pack squares.  The pattern call for using a charm pack of solid squares, but I used a half yard and cut my own 5" squares.  You can find the Jelly Roll Twist pattern here at the Fat Quarter Shop.

I'll be gifting this quilt to the foster child of my endodontist who met me after hours on a Saturday night when I was having a bit of trouble with a retreatment of a root canal.  It's all better now!

I completed this just in time to link up to the January One Monthly Goal Finish Link-Up at Elm Street Quilts.

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  1. A lovely bright quilt and a great way to use up leftovers Paige. I admit to having a couple of jelly rolls I would like to use up, thank you for the link. I rather like the way you quilted it, it keeps it nice and soft, ideal for a child. I have never machine bound a quilt before but it’s interesting to read your thoughts on it, just in case I decide to have a try one day.

  2. I just love the colors in this quilt and you are so good at balancing them and spreading them around. Super cute! I must have missed your story about spray basting. Which post is that in?

  3. Oh, what happened with the spray baste? Did I miss a post? Love the quilting design; I might use that in a quilt I'm pondering. Those fabrics are so fun!

  4. Nice job machine binding! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.

  5. I think the wavy grid quilting finishes it nicely. I'm sorry to hear you had to deal with complications from retreatment of a root canal. I really like this style of machine binding, I think it leads to very nice finishes.

  6. That quilting design is so fun! I always struggle over deciding how to quilt my tops. I think I would get a lot more done if I could just make a decision--lol! Glad your root canal is better--those can be very painful.

  7. Well done. I like the quilting. The trick to machine binding is to bring the edge of the binding to the front so that it lays just over the stitch line, so when you stitch on the folded edge, you're more or less sewing into the stitch line.

  8. Wonderful finish! I don’t know why I so often forget and put the darn binding on the front, but this is one of the best ways to finish a quilt isn’t it!

  9. Paige, it’s just delightful, and will be well received!

  10. Love it! I especially like the back with two colorways of the same print--almost like a really fun optical illusion. I like the loopy lines. I'm a big spray baster, so I'm curious about your disaster--I frequently worry about using it but I hate pinning so much.

  11. I love everything about this quilt!

  12. What a sweet quilt. I've always been a hand binder but have decided, with baby quilts especially, I need stronger stitching. My recent attempt at machine binding I did opposite of you; sewed to front, turned, then stitched in the ditch to try and catch the back. It was a challenge and I missed in quite a few spaces. I'm going to give your binding method a try next time. Are you starting with 2.25" strips and sewing them on with .25" seams?

  13. I absolutely love this!! I did something similar to this pattern a few years back and can’t find my pattern anywhere.. I’d love to give this one a try. Would you share the pattern?

    1. Hi Nicole, So glad you stopped by. I would have emailed your directly but you are a no-reply commenter. The link to the Jelly Roll Twist pattern is in the blog post right above the last photograph. I am including it here as well... Jelly Roll Twist pattern link