April 5, 2020

In Bloom #1 + Tulip Poplar

Everything is starting to put forth new growth and I certainly welcome the chartreuse leaves of the Tulip Poplar. I have been taking more walks outside since the gym closed.  And, besides the pollen, the weather has perfect for enjoying the outdoors.

This was taken right along the driveway.  Since upgrading my phone, I am experimenting with portrait mode which is a new feature to me.

Stay well everyone!


  1. What a pretty thing to see on your walk! Enjoy the new phone and all its bells and whistles :-)

  2. Lime green and grey, perfect combination in nature and even for a quilt.

  3. That hue of lime green is gorgeous! I’m glad you’re seeing signs of spring. I hope you are staying healthy, taking care of yourself, and not working too much. All my best...