April 19, 2020

In Bloom #3 + Azaleas

If it is the third Saturday in April, that means one thing for Pickens, SC...it's time for the Pickens Azalea Festival.  It would have been the 36th festival but was canceled due to Covid-19.  That won't stop me from sharing some azalea blooms with you.  This was taken at the office last Saturday before the storm on Easter Sunday. 

The Azalea Festival has always played an important role for my traditional guild.  We would always rent a booth where we would sell raffle tickets on our presentation quilt (or raffle quilt) that would be given away at our quilt show in the fall. 

Not only is it a fundraiser for our guild, we share our love of quilting with passersby.  It it also a time of fellowship with members.  Just look the smiles on members' faces.  I found this photo which dates all be way back to 2005.  (It was taken with film so I had to scan it!) 

The quilt shown here was group effort by guild members.  Blocks were made by members and the top was assembled by Gail Sexton (top right) who also designed and added the heart and floral applique.  You can't tell by the photo, but this quilt was hand quilted by several members. 

Gail found this on-point layout in a book, Quick Classic Quilts.  The block is call the English Wedding Ring or the Single Wedding Ring

And, here is one more azalea photo taken at the office.


  1. One of my favorite things about visiting our daughter in Florida this time of year is seeing the azaleas in bloom. They are spectacular, and so vibrant. We can't grow them here, but I do love them. What a pretty quilt your group made, and so sad that this year has to be missed!

  2. I'm sorry for you and your community that your festival isn't being held this year. COVID-19 has ruin so many plans! Still, your azaleas are gorgeous. I've always appreciated them, and also wondered why they aren't scented as beautifully as they appear. It's nice to have memories to return to during days like these. I hope you are coping okay, and aren't working too much!

  3. Sadly, there are a lot of events being cancelled. :( At least you can still enjoy your azaleas. Be safe.

  4. I lived in Richmond, VA for a couple of years and the azaleas are such a beautiful memory of those days. I loved all the various shades of pinks.

  5. So pretty Paige!! I have azaleas in the ground and also in pots on my deck. The plants on the deck just finished blooming but those in the ground are barely starting. Love the color they bring. So many quilt shows and festivals cancelled this year. Sigh. No fun at all!!

  6. I love azaleas! Yours are beautiful! So sad that the festival is cancelled, but at least the azaleas will still bloom. We have one in the back yard that has been very pretty this year.

    Looks like you and your guild have a lovely time together. I just joined a local guild before all this started and only got to attend 2 meetings, so I don't have that sense of community yet, but I'm hopefully we'll continue in person meetings some day.

    Hope you are doing well, Paige!

  7. I love azaleas. Such rich colors. The Guild quilt is gorgeous.