April 26, 2020

In Bloom #4 + Henry Clematis

I've always referred to this early blooming Clematis as "O Henry" but the official name is 'Henryi'.  The blooms are rather large, probably around 6" across.

Until I took these photos, I never really stopped to count the petals.  These blooms all have 8 petals, or really sepals.  I like the touch of purple on the newly opened bloom. 

The flowers have and even number of petals, but the leaves are all in groups of three.

And, here they are after the rain.

Next time you are out and about, count the petals.  I understand a lot of flowers have an odd number of petals and many are Fibonacci numbers. 

Stay safe everyone,


  1. What a pretty flower. I love the shot with the droplets on the sepals.

  2. How cool is that? I haven't noticed that about flowers. One of my clematis is just blooming and the other has loads of buds but they aren't quite open yet. I do love these vines.

  3. These are really pretty. Mine are purple, and I have a lot of buds but they haven't bloomed yet. I will be sure to count the buds when they bloom.

  4. I had huge sunflowers this summer, and didn't even think about how many petals there were. Love the raindrops, so pretty, and the colours would all be beautiful in a quilt. palest, and several greens, nature gives us all so much to be thankful for every day right now.

  5. I never knew that...fibonacci and leaves...I will start checking that out. Gorgeous pictures.

  6. Beautiful. I don't think mine will bloom, I see a deer has bitten off some of the buds, and I know he or she will return.

    1. Those pesky deer! I did read that you can trim back for rebloom so maybe they did the pruning for yo and there is hope for more blooms this season!