August 9, 2020

In Bloom #19 + Peaches

It's peach time in South Carolina.  I didn't have to walk too far to capture this photo as it was right out the back door at the office.  I do not know the variety but it is tasty. 


If you have driven through South Carolina on Interstate 85 you may have noticed the Peachoid, a water tower in the shape of a big peach located in Gaffney.

A lot of peaches are grown at McLeod Farms in McBee, SC.  I have visited their market and you can get peaches in almost everything from ice cream to enchiladas and much more.  They share recipes here

Happy Sunday,


  1. Ahhh peaches! I've been in the mood for them lately, and just purchased a few at yesterday's farmer's market. After washing them to put into the frig, I'm doubtful about how they'll taste as they seemed terribly "firm." Fresh from a tree sounds wonderful! My mouth is watering for them. Enjoy for me!

  2. What a pretty photo! Enjoy a peach or two for me, too!

  3. I love the Gaffney Peach! We keep lookout for it when we drive on that stretch of 85. I did not know it was called the Peachoid. Peaches are my favorite fruit!

  4. Nothing like a fresh juicy peach. The western slope of Colorado has wonderful peaches too.