December 27, 2020

In Bloom #39 + Nandina

I didn't realize that Nandina domestica is also known by Heavenly Bamboo.  And, that, although the birds eat the red berries, they are toxic if consumed in quantity as they contain cyanide.

This volunteer Nandina was, no doubt, spread by a bird and was in the woods beside my parent's home.

Happy Sunday,


  1. Beautiful red berries...I can see why the birds would be attracted to them. Merry Christmas!

  2. What pretty Christmas colors to see on your walk! I hope you enjoyed a lovely Christmas, Paige!

  3. They are beautiful berries, and very festive for Christmas. Hopefully the birds know to eat them in limited quantities.

  4. I love seeing berries this time of year. I wonder if the birds know their limits with this attractive berry? Only 2 berries or you won't fly home?