March 7, 2021

In Bloom + #49 Daffodils

These daffodils were found blooming near an old barn out in the county.  I suspect the bulbs were planted many years ago.  I like the intense shade of yellow and unusual shape, one I haven't seen before. 

I almost missed posting this In Bloom post as I without internet reception and had publish once I got back in town.  

Happy Sunday,


  1. I love daffodils and how they welcome in the Spring season. They are such happy flowers! Hope all is well with you, Paige!

  2. I saw our first burst of spring flowers on the island yesterday! One of my church friends, who finished her round of vaccines, is looking forward to getting to the store and getting daffodils in! This is encouraging me to think about bring some spring flowers in.

  3. I love that daffodils are starting to appear! They always make me smile.