June 25, 2016

A Baby Bib: The Bapron

We are in the midst of the 2016 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop and I'm getting to know fellow new bloggers a little more.  This week when visiting Amista at Hilltop Custom Designs, I was browsing through her shop and saw a cute baby bib.  The pattern, by Jess at  Craftiness is not Optional, is called the Bapron because it's a baby apron, a cross between a bib and an apron.

I know a little fellow in the family who could use some of these and thought I would give one a try.  I purchased and downloaded the pattern and got started.  Here's the Bapron I made.

A baby bib, the Bapron by Paige Alexander

Instead of purchased double fold bias tape or making my own, I decided to use some left over bias quilt binding (which I had cut the wrong size for Colorful Cats pillow cover).  So I started with the red gingham binding and found the cute school bus print in my stash to go with it.

I even sewed on the binding as if I were sewing it onto a quilt.  I reduced some of the bulk by trimming part of the binding in the ties at the neck.  I'll ask the mother after the little fellow has worn it a few times about the binding I used.  She was thrilled about the extra coverage it would provide.

Binding pinned onto baby bib with the bulk  reduced (binding at top has not been been trimmed)
The pattern calls for using flannel on the reverse side, but I used an absorbent towel as the under layer, the same towels used in these banded kitchen towels.

Reverse side of Bapron baby bib

Here's a closer look at the Bapron.

Bapron made from gingham bias binding  and a school bus print

I realize the little guy is a long ways from going to school or riding the bus but it's never too early to think about learning.  I took this photo of all the schools buses parked and lined up at the Pickens County school bus shop.

Bapron baby bib photographed at Pickens County school bus shop
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  1. Adorable bib! Thanks for joining Show Off Saturday!

  2. That's really super! I like how the waviness of the buses lends itself nicely to the shape of the apron.

  3. Oh Paige, you made a lovely job of that, and I agree with Nicole about the fabric choice. Love it.

  4. That is such a fun bib! I love the binding you chose.

  5. Cute and practical. My granddaughter just started eating cereal. I'm pretty sure she needs one (or two) of these! Thanks for linking to the pattern.

  6. Adorable bib! I've got new nieces and nephews on the way, and a bunch at the toddler stage, so I may pick up this pattern, but I think I'll add a pocket all across the bottom to catch spilled food bits and cheerios!

  7. Paige, you are one talented seamstress! Wish I would have had some of these when my kids were little. More clothes get ruined by food . . . And great info about the blog hop too. Just a heads up for you, the link on Yvonne's "Hosting a Successful Linky Part isn't going to that post. I ALWAYS enjoy reading your blog, Paige. You are a natural at this.

  8. Such a cute and practical bib. It looks like it would work for food as well as crafting messes.

  9. Cute project with wonderful fabric choices. I love the photo with the busses!

  10. This is just too adorable! I agree that the more coverage the better, those cute but tiny bibs don't protect clothes much.

  11. This is so stinkin' cute! And what a useful gift for a young mother. You certainly found the perfect fabric for it, and it goes so well with that red gingham. I don't have any babies in the family right now, but I'll sure keep this pattern in mind! I have to say you found a perfect spot to take a photo of it. Good job!