June 17, 2016

Free Wheeling Single Girl Quilt

I'm excited to show you my Free Wheeling Single Girl quilt made for the Sewtopia Virtual Fabric Challenge.  Thank goodness for a two week extension or I would have had to rely solely on the mini Outlined Plus quilt as my entry.

Free Wheeling Single Girl by Paige Alexander
I mentioned my fondness of challenges in my introductory post as part of the 2016 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop hosted by Yvonne at Quilting Jetgirl, Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs and Stephanie at Late Night Quilter.

We could add any other Hoffman fabrics to the 5 fat quarters received. I decided to use three different chartreuse fabrics, 2 prints and a solid as the background.  And I added in 2 purples to go with the black and white prints for a pop of color.

Piecing the rings went very well, similar to the first Free Wheeling Single block made in Denyse's class at Sewtopia Atlanta.  Planning the fabric placement for the so-called improv rings was probably the most time consuming part.  I say that only because, I really struggle with improv.

Free Wheeling Single Girl quilt top on the green beans
I had a hard time deciding on what size to cut the borders.  I thought about asymmetrical which several had suggested when i posted a picture on instagram, but decided on 10" borders all the way around because that's what the fabric would allow.

For the quilting, I thought about using the quilting design included in the original Single Girl pattern, but decided to try Denyse's Figure Eight quilting template.  My fellow guild member digitized the design to be able to use with Quilt Path, the computerized quilting software for her APQS Millennium. This the 2nd quilt I've quilted on her longarm and with each quilt I'm learning the ins and outs of loading the quilt on the machine and using Quilt Path.

Free Wheeling Single Girl 'improv' pieced ring and quilting detail

My friend suggested that I round the corners to match the rings and so I did. It was a great idea!  I simply used the inner background template to round the corners.  You also get a peek of the backing fabric, more of the stitches print used in the top.

Rounded corners of the Free Wheeling Single Girl
For the binding, I didn't have enough of the original fat quarters to make the entire binding improv or scrappy. I pieced 5 separate sections of improv and for the rest of the fabric, I used the stitches print in the black colorway which I found at my local quit shop.  In my 12+ years of quilting, I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've rounded the corners on a quilt.  I cut the binding on the bias, even for the scrappy parts, and it went on beautifully.

Improv scrappy binding for Free Wheeling Single Girl
You've got to love a husband who will help photograph your quilts.  A storm was brewing and the wind was gusting so I was glad to have some help.

Photographer's assistant taming the quilt top

Quilt Stats:

  • Finished size:  63" x 63"
  • Pattern:  Free Wheeling Single Girl by Denyse Schmidt
  • Binding: 3/8" double fold bias binding (partially improv) from 2 1/4" strips and sewn down by hand
  • Fabrics: Me + You batiks from Hoffman Fabrics
  • Thread: Aurifil black for piceing the rings and 5010 beige for assembling blocks; 5022 mustard for quilting
  • Quilting design:  Denyse Schmidt Quilts Figure Eight template digitized for computerized quilting
  • Batting: 100% Cotton Warm & Natural by the Warm Company
  • Completed: June 15, 2016

Usually a name for a quilt comes to me while working on it, but this time nothing!

Any suggestions for a name for my Free Wheeling Single Girl quilt?

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  1. What a gorgeous looking quilt! Unfortunately I'm lousy at quilt naming so can't offer any suggestions, hope someone comes up with something good.

  2. Great quilt ! Your colour combination mustard - purple is really interesting. Sorry, no suggestion for the name ;-)

  3. Oh Paige this has turned out so well - it's really stunning. I like the rounded corners too. A name? Hmmm - I always find that the hardest part so no help from me - sorry!

  4. Oh my goodness Paige - this is stunning! I really like the pops of purple and that background colour is just so perfect! Your work is just so inspiring - thank you so much for sharing so much of your process with us.

  5. Paige, this is amazing! You nailed it perfectly! Perhaps one of my favorite colors is your background color. I hate naming quilts. If it doesn't come to me by the end of the quilt, it becomes a no name quilt. How about 'Well Rounded'?! See, I'm not good at names!!

    1. Jayne, thanks for the suggestion...I've decided on "Well Rounded Single Girl"

  6. I really love how this turned out, Paige, and hooray for the deadline extension! The rounded corners really set it off beautifully. I keep thinking this looks like items stacked on something else or how looking down on a power plant might look... so how about Stacked for a name? It might only appeal to me, though. :)

  7. Paige, What a beautiful quilt, love the rounded corners and the scrappy binding is a perfect addition.

  8. Paige, I love how this turned out. Actually I kind of think you've already named it. Free Wheeling Single Girl makes me think of a modern young lady. She's fresh out of college maybe working two jobs and loving life. She's not quite lived adulthood long enough to be jaded by it. The world is hers for the taking. This quilt is fresh and fun, just like her.

  9. This is soooo lovely! Your colors are spot on - I'm a frequent purple user but I never imagined pairing it with that color background! Love!

  10. LOVE it! That selection of greens is one of my favourites and it's perfect with the purples. No name suggestion from me but if something pops into my head I'll be back.

  11. Love, love, love this quilt! Love the colors, design AND especially the rounded corners. It all goes together so well. Great job!! As for as a name for the quilt, to me that is the hardest part of quilting!! Lol!! Sorry, no suggestions here!

  12. Beautiful! The curved corners really pull the quilt together. Perfect color quilting thread too!

  13. beautiful quilt! beautiful colors!

  14. How about Ring Around the Rosie!!!

  15. I'm so glad that the extension allowed you to enter your beautiful quilt in the challenge. The rounded corners were the perfect choice and the pieced, bias binding is impressive, as well. I like Jayne's suggestion of Well Rounded.

  16. Love this pretty quilt. I've always admired curved corners. Well-rounded is a good name. Good luck in the challenge.

  17. Beautiful quilt--the combination of chartreuse and purple is stunning. Love, love the rounded corners. What an inspired idea! I've never done that on a quilt yet, but you've certainly inspired me. Gotta wait for the perfect quilt though...one that's crying out for rounded corners. Great job. Good luck with the challenge contest!

  18. Oh so pretty, fresh and modern. 'Love the colors and pattern. You really are an excellent quilter. As far as a name, Well Rounded does sound good.

  19. It's turned out beautifully Paige. Your binding colours re perfect and the rounded corners inspired. As for a name? I haven't always named my quilts so I'm not great at it. Maybe, Around the Circles?

  20. Yay for extensions! And Yay for a great finish! I really love the binding and the rounded corners. So unique! How about "Let's Go 4-Wheelin'!"

  21. Great quilt! Great colours! How about "a single girl who cuts corners"?

  22. Such a wonderful finish Paige. The rounded corners complement the design perfectly. And that figure eight quilting, perfection.

  23. It's a beauty Paige! The rounded corners and the quilting you chose were the absolute perfect touches! The binding is wonderful too!

  24. What a striking quilt. Congratulations to the finish. How about calling it 'Buttonholes'? Good luck in the competition.

  25. Oh my, what a gorgeous quilt! I love that you, too, struggle with letting "improv" be just that; I always have to fiddle with things that could be just fine if left to their organic desires.
    Love the color combination, as well as the pieced binding (and on the bias, too!) Thanks for linking up with TGIFF so I could get to see this beauty