October 2, 2018

Modern Plus Sampler ➕ Small Plus Signs

This month, for the Modern Plus Sampler Quilt, we are piecing lots of little plus signs...40 to be exact.  I'm making mine from Paper Cuts, a fun tone-on-tone print which is from Christa's Fandangle fabric line.

And, while they are not difficult to make, they do take a little time. Unfinished, the small plus signs measure 5" x 5".

I decided to use the instructions for making over-sized signature blocks on page 38 of the book (Modern Plus Sign Quilts) and then trim them down to size.

Here's what my blocks look like before they are trimmed down to size.  They measure 5 1/2" x 5 1/5" at this point.

I used a 6 1/2" square-up ruler to do the trimming.  Do you see how the plus signs fit perfectly within a 3" x 3" grid making them a breeze to trim down to size.

Roughly, a 1/4" was trimmed from two sides.

The block was rotated so the other two sides could be trimmed.

And, here's the small signature plus block all trimmed to 5" x 5".

As a refresher, here is the Modern Plus Sampler rendered in Fandangle.  And, it's not too late to join in and sew along with Cheryl (Meadow Mist Designs) and me.  We are going at a nice slow place.  You can easily catch up as next month's instructions are super easy!

You can find all the details on the the Modern Plus Sampler Quilt a Long page.  The next set of instructions will posted on Thursday, October 4th.


  1. Your blocks are lovely in the gorgeous Fandangle fabric. I do like making oversized blocks, it ensures accuracy and the quilt goes together much easier. As long as you are accurate in the trimming that is 😂

  2. It really was a perfect suggestion to upsize the blocks and trim them down. It was so nice that the plus sign nestled perfectly in the 3" square to make sure things were nice and square after the trim, too! Your blocks look great and I'm looking forward to the next set of instructions later this week. :)

  3. It makes me giddy each time you complete a new section! :-)

  4. It's a great tip to make the blocks oversized and encouraging to see where to line up the ruler. i am very far behind and I'm not sure when I will catch up.....eventually.

  5. This is coming together really well and your blocks look so neat from being oversized and trimmed.